Les actualités [O.N.U]
29/05/2017 par [O.N.U] Astate

We will organize for the evening of Wednesday 07-06-2017 the event "The prey of Darkness", in the area of Green Mountain. We will leave 34 free slots for the duos of participants (battle royal in pairs). You can only come with 3 types of weapons: bow, crossbows or crafted spears (all other weapons are prohibited).

The area of the encounter is the entire mountain, after 30mn the combat zone will be reduced around the antenna and the prison. All the participants will be positioned around the mountain and then the signal is given on the TS, the participants will be able to go hunting of the other groups in the woods. The winners will be the last group alive. During the night on the O.N.U. server, zombies are not the biggest threat, ...

Thank you for registering on the event section of the website, and also to give the name of your group on the post of the forum.

The O.N.U. server goes up to 40 slots !
25/05/2017 par [O.N.U] Astate

We are pleased to announce that the Team [O.N.U] server goes from 30 to 40 slots! Even more places, for more pleasures! Join us !

If you like the server do not hesitate to help us for the financing : All your donations allow us to think about the future more serenely. Your donations are used to rent the server and have made it possible to increase the number of slots.

It is all together that we allow the server O.N.U to exist ♥

Wednesday's Nights : "Dark Walk" on the O.N.U server !
16/05/2017 par [O.N.U] Astate

Hi everybody !

After the vote on Facebook, we realize that playing at night can please a lot of people in the community. So we are going to set the server on night time every Wednesday from 20h to 8h in Fridays mornings for "Dark Walk" evenings. The server time will be synchronized with the regular time (20h = 20h in game).

Prepare the roads flares, turn on the headlights of your vehicles, and especially beware, death lurk in the darkness!

Team O.N.U on-line shop
08/05/2017 par [O.N.U] Astate
Greetings Survivors of Chernarus !

If you ever express the desire to proudly wear the colors of your faction or if you wan't to have an O.N.U colors mug on your desk, do not hesitate to visit our on-line shop !

Every transaction help us to continue the team O.N.U's server adventure and to propose you gift for our events to come ♥

New O.N.U Private Server !
26/04/2017 par [O.N.U] Vasquez

As you all know, the new private server will be open this Friday 04-28-2017 at 21h30 ! The first evening will be reserved to 20 VIP-players who will have the server just for them to loot and discover some surprises that we have prepared. The server will be opened to all the Saturday morning…

To be part of it, please subscribe to the public event in the calendar part of our website, the reserved places are for the 20 fastest players (Password for the Friday evening).

The entire O.N.U team is eager to welcome you on this brand new server. Let's the journey keep going forward ♥

FR - Team [O.N.U] - www.team-onu.com

Easter Eggs Hunt !
14/04/2017 par [O.N.U] Astate

During this 3-days-long weekend, you will be able to go for an Easter eggs hunt !

21 Yellow case are hidden in 3 different zone of the map. Each morning, we will reveal some hints and photos to help you to find it.

In order to validate your discovery, you need to take a picture of the content of the yellow case and post it on our website or facebook. Monday evening, the player who have discovered the most yellow cases will be the winner !

He’ll win 3 full-stuff barrel, good hunting !

New website !
01/04/2017 par [O.N.U] Curves

Survivors friends, the [O.N.U] website gets a new skin !

We hope you appreciate it, and do not hesitate to post your feedbacks on our forum :wink:

Ps: Some bugs still hide here or there, so do not hesitate to let us know ...

Tisy Military Base – New PvP Zone
04/01/2017 par [O.N.U] Astate

Information – Tisy Military Base

Since the beginning of the 0.61 update, the military loot is concentrate in the Tisy Military Base. Servers are being hopped, as a result this zone is dangerous.

In order to simplify the gameplay between players who respect our server rules and these hopper-players seeking military stuff, The Tisy Military Base is now a new PvP zone, replacing Elektro.

Be cautious, the death is lurking in this area…

“Start Zone” Tulga
18/11/2016 par [O.N.U] Astate

Creation of the first “Start Zone” of the O.N.U server, at the top of the Tulga chair lift.

This zone is dedicated to freshspawns, you will find food, some equipment and medical stuff to help you begin your journey among Chernarus.

We let some gardening tools so do not hesitate to cultivate some vegetables for the others survivors.

The objective for this zone is to became a meeting point to exchange between friendlies players of the server. Papers and pens are available so let some words behind or post an announcement on our website or facebook to exchange some stuff !


See you soon ingame !

The server is back !
17/10/2016 par [O.N.U] Astate

These late days, the server was tottaly unplayable with roll-backs, desyncs and persistence wipes…

We made a complete re-installation of the server but unfortunately this wipe all of our saves. The server is now pristine but this should resolve most of the problems.

After some tests, the server seems to work quite well and some area is full of loot ! To your backpacks !